stories / essays / other work

Links (and references) to things published elsewhere, things never published, and other projects and works. I’ll be updating this list semi-regularly:

  • Him Do the Igpay Different Oicevay – collaborative Instagram photoessay with Eddie Hudson-Ellis, optimised for phone viewing in a state of distraction and divided attention. The work comprises a long scroll examining physical and mental travel and is designed to be viewed as the reader sees fit. 2015.
  • “The Gun” – short story, winner of 2010 Adrian Consett Stephen Memorial Prize.
  • “The Centre of the Day” – short story, published in Red Rock Review (Nevada), Autumn 2016.
  • “After the Event Takes Place” – short story, published online at the Mechanics’ Institute Review, January 2017.
  • “Fear of a Cuck Planet” – essay, published inĀ Overland, December 2016: concerning the psychosexual implications of the use of “cuck” as an insult by the neofascist “alt-“right wing.
  • “Failure is Always an Option” – essay, published in Overland, March 2018: an analysis of failed rapper / meme Unkle Adams and his “At Least a Million Mission”.
  • Plebs Review the Classics – Instagram catalogue of extremely negative reviews of classic books, music and film (submissions always welcome). Rather than being a classist dismissal of people who don’t understand or enjoy (often genuinely difficult) books, the focus here is (hopefully) on reviews that imagine the spectre of cultural Marxism haunting syllabuses, book-groups, reviews, and the nebulous concept of “taste” itself. Some memes thrown in to break things up.
  • “Digital Bust Manipulations” – short 2015 take on a series of paintings and images by Robby Bennett, examining the relationship between classical form/permanence and digital errors/transience.
  • Very Friendly – link to my 2016 lo-fi (judge for yourself if that’s a euphemism) mini-EP on Soundcloud.
  • “Sisyphus in the Mail Room” – short story (unpublished): a take on ritual, gesture, and banal office work.