pointless juxtapositions: george lois’ ad for tommy hilfiger + a dj kool herc party


pointless juxtapositions: miles davis’ “bitches brew” proposal + daumier’s images of don quixote

the first picture is Teo Macero’s note advising Colombia records of the title of Miles Davis’ forthcoming album.

pictures two and three are Daumier’s sketches of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, apparently showing the same moment from the front and side. the melancholy aspect of the story dominates these images.

pointless juxtapositions: manuel ocampo’s “why I hate europeans” + ezra pound’s cage

first image: this 1992 painting by Filipino artist Manuel Ocampo, “Why I Hate Europeans”, was used on the cover of a Skinny Puppy album (this is where I first saw it, although I never listened to the music). Ocampo once said:

“It’s only a coincidence when people understand your work. People can never really understand what you are trying to say.”

the second picture is the 6×6 foot cage in Pisa where Ezra Pound was detained in 1945 after being arrested for treason against the United States. he was transferred to a tent after showing mental strain.

If the hoar frost grip thy tent
Thou wilt give thanks when night is spent.